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WildStar could not make any apologies for the difficulty of the raids. While there is a resolve forpersistance to providing content everybody is able to enjoy, Frost acknowledges the importance of roping off certain sections that the skillfull can tackle. When WoW ditched its 40-man raids, it faced accusations of oversimplified content and pandering for the lowest common denominator. As you move the decision to accomplish this and introduce a Raid Finder meant more people than in the past have got to understand the game’s coolest content, it had the unintentional effect of driving away a few of the more hardcore WS Gold … which wasn’t good.
The hardcore MMO players are your game’s evangelists. While they’re there, investing in any time to be the most beneficial, they have a benchmark your entire community can desire to reach. The feeling some players are prepared to work this hard within the title offers reassurance it has to be worth doing. If those guys go however and, in some instances, even start lamenting that gameplay and design isn’t exactly what it was, there’s trouble a-brewing.

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