E being a very good “traditional MMO”

I don’t see L:E being a very good “traditional MMO”. From a few things i have seen and look, up to now, it’s more comparable to an action RPG (Diablo-esque play style). Anyone confirm this or, has there not been enough info released yet for any person to understand for several? Not that I’m lazy but, this semester is kickin my ass…I haven’t had time to change my socks yet for weeks, not to mention research games .Any info will be appreciated, folks. (old-school L1 and L2 fan here.

I’m of two minds around the last two races in WildStar Platinum . I’ll boost the comfort, the first mind is rather bored because folks with sharp eyes had already figured nearly all of this out.

Many of us might possibly not have been sure of the names, to get fair. Though the core concepts are fairly near what many of us expected, with both races playing against type — cute and fuzzy for that Dominion, creepy and leering for the Exiles. I even speculated the last race from the Exiles is a race that focused upon getting dirty work done when it would have to be done, and sure, what did we obtain?

However, both these races are pulled off using a style and panache which i needs to have expected but didn’t. So even when I could truthfully have guessed the were the practical upshots with the race grid, I hadn’t relied on them being this nifty.


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