To produce a new starfire weapon

Gain blueprints: The bluprints could be gained in the drops on most monsters amongst players.
Starborn diamonds (members only): If you’re a RuneScape member, you will get to be able to pick the Starborn diamonds when mining.
Also you can get starlight ore, the blueprints and starborn diamonds on the Squeal of Fortune make your best effort during Friday 26th April 00:00 GMT and Monday 6th May 23:59 GMT.
For making the weapons: To produce a new starfire weapon, bring 10,000 starlight ore and one of the three sets of blueprints towards the Artisans’ Workshop in Falador and speak with Ivar. Also, a high level member along with starborn diamond, he’ll also embed a starborn diamond into your starfire weapon and upgrade it to a amazing starfury weapon. Realize its interesting experiencing? Just grab oldschool runescape gold on RSorder to get started on your mining in Gielinor.
Any unused ore, blueprints and diamonds are going to be taken from the game on Monday 20th May.
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