we build more complicated events

Massively: The time has WildStar held it’s place in development?
Jeremy Gaffney: Carbine originally started back in 2004 but really was in R&D way of the 1st a very extensive period: installation of tools and client technology, working toward our eventual art style, etc. WildStar in the current form has been around development for roughly four years.
Could be the gameplay gonna veer toward a far more action-based setup or possibly a somewhat some scheme?
Similar to numerous things, we’re a mix. Our combat is a bit more action-based, but there’s a core framework there that is pretty traditional. We seek to build our combat around a cycle we call “Recognize, React, and Reward” — we present you with a series of events during combat that you have to realize are happening and decide the correct solution to handle, and when you do, we ensure that there’s a reward (extra damage, extra XP, etc.).
Then we build more complicated events in after a while and add more simultaneous events to handle at the same time; this will make combat pretty engaging and allows us to handle things to ensure that a brand new player might survive each battle, but a talented player really can maximize the rewards away from each battle, regarding his skill rewarded even during low-level combat. Would it be more action-based? Partly — however it’s a combination of buy WildStar gold  skill and character skill.
Any ideas for the way many races/factions are going to be available for players to choose between?

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