it just meant that no one had ever found it

I’m sure there’s a suggestion by what we were holding used to do, however, plus it starts if you think a throwaway line in the Exiles trailer. The Exiles were things that found WS Gold .
Could that Nexus had planetary defenses that may pound any approaching ship into dust, but that doesn’t mean no person had ever located it before; it just meant that no one had ever found it and gone returning to tell others. Still, when you assume how the location of Nexus was recognized to anyone, the Dominion might have think it is first when something didn’t get blown to heck. Even, the Dominion has been used as those defenses. “Begin a galactic empire, and be sure that something that approaches this planet is certainly not but minerals before it might turn halfway around.”
No, the Dominion didn’t be aware of Nexus. Nor did the Mechari. They might have known exactly what was… but imagine if everyone just thinks he knows what Nexus is? If no-one knew its location, meaning every piece of information about it, including its status because the home of the Eldan, is suspect.

Having security around your home is certainly understandable, but there’s another type of facility that has to be in the middle of security and shrouded in secrecy. In the event you’re hiking in the right regions of Nevada and head the wrong way, you’ll run across the outskirts of these sort of facility, the one which signals its presence when large men with guns increase and enquire of you to definitely give any recording machine.Imagine if Nexus is often a research facility?

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