there will be an endgame there whatever we presume is fun

These lessons are issues that buy WS Gold  seems to have taken up heart. I say “seems” only since the game is still in testing, and it remains to be seen how the many promises we’ve received may play out in the future. But could what are the design goals are. We realize how the developers want us playing the game however we find fun, and then we’ve been told that there will be an endgame there whatever we presume is fun.
Like PvP? There’s stuff in position for epic PvP of countless varieties. Want to solo? There’s a constant story, you will discover path activities, for you will probably be something totally new to understand more about. Like to craft? I can only assume we’ll have any crafting carrots. Like raiding? Then you will be greeted by raids which are hard, and intense, and intended for folks who strive to be there, not individuals who’ve hardly anything else to complete.
Here’s the core of the issue: It’s not that raiding is inherently an evil activity. Inside piece I linked above I pointed out that starts off to something fun, plus it’s the cycle of repeated content and private obligation that actually kills that joy. However for a lot of people this stuff continue to be fun, plus the content should exist for those individuals.
In the last many years we’ve seen the concept introduced that everyone should get to raid, especially in Wow cataclysm release. It’s a well-meaning sentiment that also completely misses the purpose. By looking into making the complete endgame raid content more approachable, you make everyone less happy.

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