I’ll help you inside

Hopefully this offers y’all an idea of a number of the philosophies behind our PvE group content. Sign up for beta, I’ll help you inside!
Inhabited by hostile natives and dangerous alien organisms, Deradune is usually a savage territory that was claimed through the Dominion. With sweeping savannahs, rugged mountains, and exotic floating trees, Deradune is both beautiful and deadly – the ideal position for bold galactic adventurers seeking new challenges on planet Nexus.
Attracted to its untamed vistas and vicious cheap WS Gold , the ferocious Draken of the Bloodfire Clan have established a village within the eastern coast of Deradune. So as to test the mettle of his people, the battle-hardened Clanlord Makaza has referred to as Great Hunt – an old Draken tradition that culminates within the primal ritual known as the Bloodfeast. The truly amazing Hunt is available to anyone who wishes to prove themselves towards clan, and adventurers from across Nexus began to here to handle off against probably the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy.
To present far greater challenge to his mightiest hunters, Clanlord Makaza has transported in wondrous and fearsome creatures from across Nexus, such as terrible cybernetic monstrosity known as Metal Maw. A deadly product of Eldan augmentation technology, Metal Maw will be held in a massive cage – however it is just a few time ahead of the raging beast breaks free from its prison.

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