I certainly don’t feel sick about purchasing World of Warcraft Gold

Yes, you guessed it, I’ve been playing WOW. I haven’t been spreading that around overmuch, with the stigma linked to it. I suppose the the next time someone yells at me to “Get back to WOW”, it may actually sting a little. But that’s not what this blog entry is around. Really, it is about someone reacting to my opinion purchasing gold.

I’ve been playing WOW now for almost a fortnight. In that time, I’ve tallied up around 120 hours of play time. Today I reached level 40. Every character reaches level 40 in WOW, they are able to purchase something called “dual spec” for 1000 gold. Mafia wars feature allows a character to respec their talent tree between two different specializations. One example is, a Paladin could spec for tanking first raid after which it utilize the dual spec feature to modify to healing for one more raid. My priest happens to be create as a pure healer, but I desperately need to be able to switch the signal from a DPS spec when soloing.

Perhaps I’m spoiled by games like Lotro. There every class has got the choice to plunge to a DPS setup for a small fee so cheap you forget it exists. Basically, it permits you a much better diversity in the way you play your character. Its hard for me to accept only 1 role for your life of my character.

When I realized that obtaining 1000 gold by level 40 was unrealistic, I made the decision to buy gold. I aquired about 1000 gold for around $ 10 in the Microsoft of gold-farmers. You already know, that company that owns Allakhazam, THOTTBOT, WOWhead and a bunch of other fan sites? They were given my $ 10.
I can say, that in some way hurt my feelings. I’d been so pumped up about the experience, but then I didn’t feel as if playing. For hours on end today, I’ve wanted to try and do something in WOW, when I aim to log, in I’m a problem during my chest and log pull back.

I’m not really sure why I’m so bad. I certainly don’t feel sick about purchasing World of Warcraft Gold. I’m not especially worried about my former friend reporting me and becoming me banned. He may take action, and I may get banned, however for some believe that’s not scary in my experience. I suppose because I realize I’d just start another account and purchase gold again to the dual spec feature. I recently feel so bad that someone could possibly be angry at me just for buying gold. I’m not helpful to people putting me on ignore, either. I don’t believe’s ever happened to me before.

Or even bought Wow cataclysm release gold are the real deal currency? If that’s so, was it from your criminals or through the Guardian Cub? Should you supported the account thieves by purchasing gold at their store (yes, I’m being judgmental), the thing that was your experience and why did put it into practice?

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