rs accounts ranged and magic elf outfits

On Solomon’s Store we welcome back Bank Boosters, bumping up your bank-space in batches of 50.

Solomon’s also offering the Zarosian Devotion pack, with two sleek and sinister Zarosian outfits that can be switched in a dynamic flying-armour emote. The pack will also unlock a Mark of Zaros, teleport and several titles.

For the elf-obsessed, there’s the Prifddinian Riches pack, which offers melee, ranged and magic elf outfits, a crystal shell teleport, an impling music box and a couple of skill animation overrides.

To celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day, Treasure Hunter and pirate-themed ingame actions will be dishing out doubloons which can be exchanged for pirate rewards – everything you need to look like a swashbuckler. There’s pirate sheep,rs accounts, a Walk the Plank emote, a Jolly Roger cape, beards and a swordfish weapon. Unlock a peg leg and you’ll be the toast of Arrrrrrdougne.
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