check more closely at Wow cataclysm release

During Blizzcon, folks cant be found surprised with the announcement of a World of Warcraft expansion. These were, however, taken by surprise because of the announcement that garrisons, effectively housing, could be included. We have some thoughts about garrisons and what they mean towards the venerable WoW. Keep reading and leave your own personal thoughts in the comments.

The garrison system presents a particularly interesting case normally made available. It is not easy to assume that Blizzard feels lots of threat from casual Facebook and mobile games like Farmville, Petville and Tiny Tower.Fighters on all week his or her house musical guests and had some tremendous performances. I’ve also been with a minor Warcraft kick since I logged in last week to think about patch 6.0.2. For people who have missed it 6.0.2 could be the patch prepping the game for that launch of the fifth expansion Warlords of Draenor.

So in the spirit of Letterman and with a watch to next month’s WoD release here’s my directory the very best Ten Top reasons to expect Warlords of Draenor.It doesn’t seem like there is a lot of potential overlap involving the audiences for all games plus the players of WoW, especially because it feels like the garrisons is going to be tied to high level players.

With Blizzcon 2013 safely behind us, you’re ready to check more closely at Wow cataclysm release: Warlords of Draenor. We managed some practical time with Warlords and possess some impressions to share with you. Stay with me for more before leaving your ideas from the sidaibichao

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