opened specially with the event to re-edit

an even more adequate technical and service provisioning, to ensure that the gaming experience when formally launched. Subsequently, the game into the formal session, five stay ahead of the “Up-date” the tenth anniversary from the micro-channel story collection activities from the ordinary players were invited on stage, were to them and the “World of Warcraft” precious memories and expectations.

and Blizzard NetEase three representatives together, opened specially with the event to re-edit of “Wow cataclysm release” fun videos. Wonderful video of “World of Warcraft” to create you fun side, while Lee Strong, Brian Holinka and Paul Forest also subsequently answer interesting questions raised by many players.

“Delano King” will be in earlier morning of November 20 to spread out, in line with the team a duplicate with the decide to crush first battle is likewise early December official best wow gold.

Currently the major associations are actively preparing for Delano, so that you can endeavor to first kill doing their finest efforts, as well as the world’s first kill strong contender Style Society has announced the official march Delano!Following last week’s ax roar of blood in the us after New York’s Times Square, Shanghai Lujiazui also appeared in “blood roar from the ax.” This move is actually to celebrate the “World of Warcraft” and greet the tenth anniversary with the message “King of Delano’s” will be landing from the national dress of November 20.

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