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True love in life

we love our family,our county,our companion,but do you know,someone may have another lover in the world,that is football. FIFA 15 Coins

this new year 2015,FIFA is more popular than ever before.It’s been a fantastic experience for those really good players,such as Roche,who is named football’s biggest stars at the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala in Zurich,Roche said in an exclusive interview:“The support I’ve had since being included in the top three has been brilliant as well. There have been some current professional footballers and ex-professionals talking about the goal, how technically good it is, and that it’s there on merit. That’s what I like to hear because I like to think that it’s there to compete with the other two goals. There are maybe a few other footballers here [at the Gala in Zurich], not just me, who might not make it here again. This is an experience I want to soak up and something I want to remember.”

And Roche is confident that the women’s game is on the right track to achieve that: “The team is doing so well in the past, people will have to stand up and take notice. If that continues to happen they can’t help but give us the support we need.”

Roche FIFA Puskas Award nomination in the right direction, pay attention to it Women produced a step. If she continues this goal thriller goal, she may just be able to realize their ambitions: "I play football for a long, long time, this is my love life, I think at a higher level, to make. may play a long time, and try to match qualifications and my country. This is my main goal is: to euro 2017 finals. "

As More publicity for women’s football,maybe more than more women would like football,just as man,Do you agree with me?If you like football,you may also like our website,where you can find so many cheapest FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins,wha can help you enjoy your game,enjoy you life.

You agree that you