In our world , different people has different life . Human life is very short, everyone has their own stage, or supporting role, or a protagonist like the following story:

Child, every time, and partners to play a game Attorney catch the thief, we will compete to make prosecution, or every time the Chinese have a nice drama, he played martial arts fight racing heroes, childhood, we aspire to make a good play on TV as.

Do not remember what the book seen, life is like a drama, I have realized Dayton: Life is it not a drama? But, in this scene, you are good or bad? Is beautiful or ugly? We grew up, if not be the same as an hour, concerned about the role of their own? The story of bad and good looking too, ugly faces, people moved or a sad accident, then why not in real life portrayal? Sitting in front of the TV countless times, as the story of the good blessings, countless times, nervously cursing bad bad story, but in real life, do we have the courage to loudly restrained theft thief? Are dare to stand up and do bad rogue non angrily?

Not to mention the others to stop evil, but also not to mention a clear conscience if someone dares to say that they did not unconscionable to do bad things, but only be able to see this text, it is possible some wake up to reality, put away the evil of intentions , robbed ghost meter, can be considered a blessing of the people.

Good or bad, since everyone knows. Do good evil, and few people can remind yourself of this drama on stage in life? To be a good person. God is watching.

Life is so short? Life is so micro?

King won a high potential lucrative, then how? Time flies, instant smoke. Write pages, the box into Zhang screen where it is only a small story, a dark green or let let people see the world the story of Bale. Whether or not fall Albatron unmatched bottom, just rip noisy one, millions of people but never left the blessings of good stories.

Life is like a play,  just you enter mmo4player , and want to feel different life .I hope we can do good when evil can constantly remind themselves, their big stage in the world, the star is kind of a role? Our lives, the world line, we actually show how dedicated I am a kind of aromatic earth shadow?

It is said that a person’s fate can not change myself, but I disagree, but fate is in their own hands would not it? Write their own stories, nobody can force yourself to be a good or a bad person also. At the crossroads of life, not to get lost in the smoke of their behavior, and not the time to visit the dilemma, quietly ask yourself, since the hours in front of the public partner, in their mind, set a Chi words, that for yourself what a story added? For their own path in life to choose what kind of a peak? Looking back Juegu, how many people are kick Ta? All is again and again slip three, unrepentant. If we can see their passing, and how there are so many of eternal hate?

People, even greater than live for yourself? Wish every person in Juegu edge to be able to think clearly, a person, and done, the decision will not only just one stop himself, plus his most pro-favorite, is also a favorite together, latest themselves.

Many people say that life is like a play. Because every day we live in a society of the game, such as career games are the most obvious, and most cruel. Few people can see through the life of this show?glorial02555

Life is just like a game .

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