Games make you smarter

      Some children like to play the game than not playing the game children to smart? A lot of people for this conclusion is almost don’t believe. But the result is playing a game of children children thinking agile than don’t play games. Results from the human body, we know that our brains to collect data from the outside world, namely perception, and processing information, namely, cognitive, and then respond. The internal processing one by one by one \”input output\” is the most basic way to describe the brain function.

The game is a kind of integrated use of the experience of various senses. We learned from the study, a variety of functional learning can improve children’s encoding and the ability to store information. As a result, the game can not only improve children’s social and emotional expression ability, also can promote children’s cognitive and intellectual development. The study also found that emotional development and intellectual development is inseparable. At each stage of development, when the children actively responded to the challenge of emotional, social, and cognitive aspects, is the integrated use of emotional and cognitive skills.

Our brains left and right hemisphere, right and left hemispheres in dealing with the input data is different in the way. The left hemisphere of the brain in a linear, logical (causality), based on the language of the way to process information. On the contrary, the right hemisphere of the brain is nonlinear and comprehensive way to process information, is mainly responsible for receiving and processing visual information and spatial information. Biographical information, understanding of self and society, nonverbal signals, body language and nervous mood Mio mainly by the right hemisphere processing. Adults use language to communicate, express emotions and needs, solve the problem. Games include more sensorimotor skills and body movement, these are mainly the function of the brain’s right hemisphere. The development of children’s right hemisphere earlier than left hemisphere. More action game, not the language, therefore, than to speak, by playing children can learn better. In the game, children are more spontaneous and happier, it will improve children accept adults want to teach them the possibility of any positive concept.

Games allow children to use what they have learned as a cognitive concept to practice, so as to enhance their skill development. And vice versa, the game can let children find a way to improve the level of cognition from action. Therefore, the game can promote the integration of the left hemispheres of the brain.

The left and right hemispheres of the brain, integration is the core of our understanding of life. The understanding of life will dominate our behavior, and then decide what we will be. All elements of the brain together lead to purposeful action. The generation of purposeful action process is the so-called executive function. Executive function describes the self-regulation, make an accurate selection, solve the problem and the ability to plan future action. Game which is in favor of the integration of the left hemisphere, and thus promote the development of executive function.

This is so for a bit of scientific. So my personal advice let children to play the appropriate points in the game is good. It is not hard to find, to those around us to be familiar with the talents of science and technology is also very love to play games, such as Microsoft’s gates, mark zuckerberg of facebook and so on.Maybe they ofen play FIFA Ultimate Team Coins games.Games make them smarter.

Words, my brother like to play the game at an early age, it is no wonder that his logical thinking is better than I, originally is a game for him to become clever.glorial02555


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