Football and fog


Recently, the documentary brought Chinese reporters chai jing “under the dome of the haze and environmental problem in China once again sparked a global people’s thinking. In fact, not only in China, in the global development history, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, have all been affected by haze, also made a lot of effort for governance haze. On December 5, 1952 a day in the morning, London person waking from a cold, can think, the first thing is to add some coal to keep them warm in the fireplace. The fog came down, Big Ben, st Paul’s cathedral has been inundated by the fog soon, in the afternoon, dark yellow fog has encroached on every corner of the city. The fog is unusual, because it not only contains water vapor, but also mixed with thousands of tons from towering forest general soot in the chimney.

The influence of fog in other countries

1 opera performance was suspended, because the audience see the stage

On December 5, 1952 London, sadler Wells theatre.

Opera La Traviata is here, the audience revel in the actor’s beautiful voice acting and moving. However, as the performance, many audience have found that they can’t again to pay attention to the plot twists and turns, because, in the theater, already had permeated the mist becomes more and more strong. “Foggy city” London, shrouded in fog all the year round, serious, even in closed the window of the interior, also has a lingering hazy mist. For many years, the citizens is accustomed to these. And the city of London is therefore quite beautiful and covered with a layer of mysterious color.

But on December 5, this is the day of fog, but unlike ever before. Sadler Wells in the theatre the audience found that they could not see the performances on the stage, start is fuzzy, later have become dimly actor, in the end, the fuzzy failure stage. La dame aux camelias was forced to suspend the first scene has not yet played out.

People see out of the theatre, the London has enveloped in mist. “That is a kind of your deep in the heart of darkness, is a pervasive atmosphere.” Dickens was described in the novel the fog of London. This time the fog is dark yellow, mixed with fine particles, and mixed with strong pungent smell, like rotten eggs, let a person difficulty breathing.

2 people bow their heads to see his own toes

The streets of London, pedestrians clothes and skin covered with tiny dust, everyone like dirty coal workers, many people have to wear masks or simple disinfection mask. The bus drove the headlight, driving very slowly on the road, even at noon, maintain the order of the police can only holding a torch to see the vehicles and pedestrians. As the smoke more and more strong, the day’s visibility from 5 to 0. Even face to face, and people could see each other’s appearance, and lower the head, see his own toes.

Because of the smog, almost paralyzed traffic in London, flights have been grounded. In London two truck collided accidents happened on the bridge, the train has been cancelled. Highway, a lot of people can only cast cars on the road, you choose to walk home. The bus driver fumbled for difficult to drive back to the station.

Schools to let the children come home from school, the weekend was forced to cancel the football match, because the goalkeeper even can’t see the ball, the cinema ticket, no longer theatre also had to suspend the performance. London’s royal hospital, the nurse, the report says, they cannot see the ward at the other end of the corridor.

Smoke cover flashpoint for a lot of the thief, losing his wallet case is difficult to count, smoke, don’t know which way because many birds hit the die on the building. In spite of every family closed the window, but the smoke seeping into the building, people even curtilage at home, you still can’t escape the pungent smell of smoke.

In London, for five days, people were lost in the haze, as the author describes it, “living in London, eyes sting, lung depressed. Living in London, is a phantom of the coal all over.”

3 air pollution concentration was 10 times higher than the past

The fog than later said “fog”, and it is also not suspicious. In the 1950 s, London is still continue to use coal to generate electricity, residents also is to use coal to heat, has become a kind of traditional fireplace. Amount of cars and the streets of London are also gradually increase, more tail gas pollution air quality. All kinds of pollution sources to produce a large amount of carbon, sulfur and other chemical smoke floating in the air.

The winter of 1952, London is a cold snap, extremely cold. To this year’s on December 5, circling a depression in London, because it is moving very slowly, making the city of London very low temperature, air humidity, and there is no wind, fog is inevitable.

And even more serious is, all kinds of pollutants are also unable to disperse, the pollutants in the air and mist mixed together, each other to produce chemical reaction, formed a highly toxic smog.

According to the record, on December 5th to 9th, London’s air pollution concentration is ten times in the past, London has the highest dust concentration of 4460 micrograms per cubic meter, daily average concentration of sulfur dioxide reaches to 3830 microgram/cubic meter.

4 more than ten thousand people have died because of the fog

This kind of poisonous to “smoke” played it “effect” soon. First of all, the effects of cattle. In December, the earl of palace in London exhibition center was held a trade fair, 11 of the small cow because breathe the air and suffocation death.

And not to mention, more and more people begin to cough and breathing discomfort, the elderly, babies first, people with respiratory diseases and cardiovascular disease. Every day the number of deaths from respiratory asthma on the rise. The number of bronchitis and pneumonia than in previous years, seven times, but the east end of London mortality is abruptly increased 9 times. Coffin shop in London have been sold to the out of stock, and the bouquet is basic in the condition of can’t buy.

A few days time, London has four thousand to six thousand people were killed, most of them are children, and respiratory system vulnerable.

On December 9, the storm finally arrives, saved by city of London, people can then a little breath freely. Although the wind dispersed the fog haze, but the air of London is not so better, in the next two months, and nearly eight thousand people died of respiratory disease.

People call this time the fog siege “London smog event”. This time the event of the communist party of China, 12000 people died.

Initially, however, people haven’t the extremely high mortality rate due to smoke, many people also think that was because of influenza. After three weeks, after death toll data, a lot of people are aware that this is definitely not a simple cold, all of this and the last a few days of smog can’t get away.

Fog affect my life

One day, my eight year old child holding the football happy looking at me, he said to me, ‘mom, let’s go and play football together’, I look at him, and look at the sky outside, gray, gray layer are everywhere. I watched a child’s immature white face, and low voice tell: honey, let’s another day, our god is in a bad mood today, you see his face was overcast layer upon layer, such as which day he is in a good mood, let us go out again. At that time, my child, and depression of low head asked me, mom: ‘that he will be ok when is the mood? ‘. Actually I don’t know how to answer him, for such a haze weather, I don’t know when will be good, how I wish I can go with my children to play a football.

I don’t want to our children forever live in the glass, with a face mask alive. I don’t want to they can’t see the blue sky, not happy to play football on the grass. Every time when I associated with fog and football, I was afraid, afraid of fog to the child’s pain. I hope that each of us can try to protect the environment, not on our children will play a FIFA 15 Coins  on the grass becomes unreachable extravagant hopes. As each and every one of life on earth, let us work together, also let children to a blue sky and white clouds.glorial02555


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