Cheered for Barcelona and real Madrid victory



In recently, but 28 rounds, 2-1 victory over real Madrid and Barcelona home advantage expanded to four points. Messi assists mathieu equaliser, cristiano ronaldo and beam, suarez has scored the winning goal. After the 228 conference, two teams compete in the history of Barcelona in 88-48 388 goals in 372 games – 388. League level, the two sides met 169 times, Barcelona 277 goals in 266 goals in 266-32-266.


Although small comprehensive record, but in the home game against real Madrid, Barcelona, 84 war 98 ball 48-17-19167, advantage is bigger. On both sides of the league season 9 rounds at a recent conference, his first score in the first half, cristiano ronaldo penalty equaliser, pepe reina, benzema’s goal in the second half, real Madrid 3-1 defeat to Barcelona in the last house. The employee, the two teams, MSN portfolio war the British broadcasting corporation.


19 minutes, Lionel messi in the first on the left side of the free kick, ramos is not tight, mathieu road header is successful, 1-0, Barcelona took the lead at home. 31 minutes, luka modric, benzema box with the ball, cristiano ronaldo in the loose, 1-1, real Madrid equaliser, after scoring cristiano ronaldo to his silence of the celebration, it was cristiano ronaldo scored 15 goals in the national Derby, equalling the record of raul.


Both easy to fight again in the second half, both teams are no substitutions. In 56 minutes, Daniel alves, suarez weighted inclined, catch a beautiful shot into the far corner, 2-1, suarez’s first national Derby goal in Barcelona ahead again. The eighty-eighth minute, luka modric replace Lucas silva. More failure in the final stages of real Madrid, Barcelona 2-1 victory over real Madrid at home in the end.

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