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“Chief” to the FA Cup

As the world’s oldest football cup, Zu Zong cup from next season, may also be changed, become chief of the Zu Zong cup.

According to the “Daily Mail” reported, England Football Association will sign and Emirates airline a period of three years, the amount of $30000000 sponsorship contract, the condition is chief of the FA cup into the FA cup. This is the 144 year history of the FA Cup for the first time the title sponsor.

Now the main sponsor of the FA Cup is a USA beer enterprise, the sponsorship amount is about 9000000 pounds a year. But because of the importance of the FA Cup for the Premier League club decreased year by year, it is difficult to attract big sponsors. The FA was forced to give a last resort: sell naming rights.

According to reports, the FA Cup title of the news will be announced in the May 30th FA Cup final.

The FA Cup was renamed the traditional news attracted a lot of fans attacked. Fans commented, “Fa FA Cup betrayed the soul”. Some people say: “Is it right? Because Arsenal last two seasons FA Cup success, the FA Cup changed their sponsor’s name. That would put the FA cup into the Arsenal cup.”

The FA Cup began to accept commercial sponsorship from the 1994 / 95 season, but for the hundred years of reputation, has refused to accept the title sponsor. England and other important football games, including the Premier League, at all levels, and attended by 92 occupation Club League Cup, years ago with the title sponsor. The Carling Cup was very thorough, directly by the enterprise name, since 1982 there have been 7 sponsors including milk cup and Coca-Cola cup, named after the name, the original name has lose one’s beyond recognition.yajuan030809

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MVP! FIFA praised Yang Xu said fear of collapse surprised Fuli defeat Guoan

After the end of the fifth round of group stage AFC Champions League,fifa official website also wrote about the events of a comment. FIFA believes that R & F home court 0-5 defeat to Osaka steel Pakistan is an amazing game, Beijing Guoan once again failed to get ahead of qualifying, at the end of round is likely to lose out. For Luneng, FIFA highlighted Yang Xu (micro-blog) data), that he is the best player in the round, to remain in that state, should become the national team’s main striker Chinese.

FIFA’s official website at the beginning of the article mentioned, fight after the 5 round, 8 teams had already obtained the qualification, respectively, before the AFC Champions League champions south of the FC, Al Ain, Al Sadd and Guangzhou Hengda, and the last runner up Al Hilal, in addition to Bo Sun God, Al Ahli and Suwon samsung. In the 16 game, Qatar team beat Iran 3-0 Levin Hervey sub Persepolis game was named FIFA the best.

Fuli home court 0-5 defeat to Osaka steel Pakistan in the FIFA game, it seems that this is a war game is be hardly worthy of belief. AFC Champions League army in the first round group stage in their 2-0 victory over the Osaka steel Pakistan, stunning throughout Asia, but no one thought they were ahead of the game in the 5 rounds. In front of the 0-5 score, decimating the complete collapse, the score so they are difficult to accept, but have to accept the consequences.

For national security, so FIFA website comments: to match unbeaten status Guoan ushered in the A-League team Brisbane roar, but after losing 0-1, once again missed the opportunity to qualify for the knockout, the team suffered the first defeat of the season. C Ruud Boris keep the team in hope of promotion for the Brisbane lions, but the G group leader Guoan has had to face at the end of the round losing out of embarrassment. Once they lost to Suwon, and Brisbane roar big win over Urawa gongzuan, Chinese capital team will face the collapse of the situation.

Yang Xu in Vietnam against Pingyang Luneng and the plum to open two degrees, to help the team 3-1 victory over the opponent, has scored 6 goals in the game AFC Champions League Yang Xu, was also named the official FIFA round of the best players. Yang Xu and rival Gaolatedou with 6 goals tied for top scorer, he has the air speed and excellent, 28 year old Yang Xu if you can keep this efficiency goals, can get a place in the national team coach Perrin Chinese.

In addition, FIFA’s official website also mentioned before Hengda foreign aid Muriqui, in Al Sadd and Fred in the game, the 2013 season AFC Champions League best striker scored the only goal of the game, helping the team ahead of a locked out of the group places.yajuan03080920140819034628341


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Analysis of 20 popular game data in 2015 March Twitch

Twitch is the world’s largest gaming website live video streaming media. Recently, data Service Corporation Gamoloco founder Nicolas Carreto (Nicolas Cerrato) published an article in the famous game developer website Gamasutra, the total length, charge mode multiple dimensions from 2015 to March to watch the video game, Twitch platform of the fire in the previous 20 games for the interpretation.

In March Twitch the fire TOP20 game, “hero alliance”, “Counter Strike: Global offensive” and “Dota 2″ top three, “”, “hearthstone my world”, “blood curse”, “World of Warcraft”, “StarCraft 2 (Book)” were ranked in the name of the 4-8. The March TOP20 video game related total viewing time more than 297000000 hours, the total amount of viewing accounted for nearly 84% in the video game Twitch.

1 video game viewing time distribution

“Hero alliance” video game video watch Top20 accounted for nearly 31% of the total length, total length of more than 6-20 of the game to watch the video. “Counter Strike”, “2″ and “Dota” are located in the hearthstone legend 2-4. The top five game ranking has been very stable, but the recent sale of “blood curse” and “city skyline” (Cities: Sky (microblogging) lines) is the emergence of new faces in the list.

The “H1Z1″ line has been 4 months, “MMORPG” Runescape “in the early 2001 was on the line. These two games were ranked ninth and twelfth, called TOP20 in game two dark horse.

2 business model

TOP20 games, free games accounted for up to 52.9%, accounting for 28.2% of the paid games.

3 Platform

TOP20 game, PC game number accounted for up to 78.1%, occupy the absolute dominant position. Perhaps this is because compared with the host game, PC game video recording easier.

Flat video game viewing time accounted for 8.7%, but if you don’t make “hearthstone” this cross platform game is included in the statistical range, so this proportion will sharply to less than 1%.

4 Publishers

From the statistical data, the fist (Riot Games), studio Valve and Activision is three King Twitch game live video. In the video game Top20 to watch the total length, from the three companies of the video game viewing time accounted for 77%.

EA’s “my world” and “FIFA Coins” to enter the list, and Nintendo and Ubisoft and other large publishers and missed the list.

5 whether the gaming game?

Gaming events and online streaming media watch closely, promote each other, the top four games in the worldwide large-scale tournament. “My world”, “world of Warcraft” and “Grand Theft Auto” and other popular prosperous game does not belong to this column.

6 types of games

TOP20 game, accounted for 45.6% of the MOBA, FPS and trading card game is second and third popular types of games. “A typical representative of the hearthstone legend” belongs to the collectible card game.

For these games, will soon give us a different life, at least I can kill the boring time.yajuan03080919-140R2161439

FIFA confirmed China’s bid to host the club World Cup in 2015 and 2016


Recently held in the Moroccan marrakesh fifa club World Cup before the opening of the news conference, FIFA secretary general Mr G said China is two session of World Cup bid in 2015 and 2016. Anwar g did not say which city in China’s bid to host the, but guangzhou has made it clear that the club World Cup bid.

Brazil “BBS today” in the report, said: “at the FIFA club World Cup opening press conference on Tuesday, FIFA announced before each cup will be observed a minute of silence for nelson mandela, at the same time also plans in the event announced during the next four session of World Cup host, China is already in 2015 and 2016, the two candidates for the club World Cup host.” Brazil another authoritative media in the global sports, has carried out more detailed reports and analysis, according to the media, plans at the FIFA club World Cup will be from 2015 to 2018, four sessions during the club World Cup venue once declared, and follow the Moroccan model, a country held two consecutive terms, China is a popular candidate in 2015 and the two club World Cup in 2016.


FIFA secretary general Mr G when accepting a reporter to ask clear replied: “we’re very much interested, I am also very pleased to say China is one of the club World Cup bid countries. It is a rapid developing country, is held the club World Cup will be a great sign.” China win the bid at the same time, the media analysis of possibility is very large, they think FIFA hopes these football in Europe and South America held strong areas outside the club World Cup, in order to improve the football development of all countries, and with a strong economic base and government support, it is clear that FIFA hope China can hold two session of World Cup 2015 and 2016.

For China once held 08 Olympic Games, it has been to show her charm to the world. To host the World Cup, I believe that she also had the ability to host a successful World Cup, a World Cup with Chinese characteristics. We are looking forward to the World Cup held in China that day.yajuan030809

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Calm down and review the live football 2015 beyond the FIFA? Is possible!


Constantly released online “live football (PES)  2015 new screenshots and detail shows its determination to want to go beyond the FIFA, however, does it really have effect? Now, after a series of “bombardment” intelligence, let’s calm down and use objective point of view to make comments of the “live football 2015″.

Live football 2015 at E3 demo of the game experience that gives a person is very strange, at the same time give people respect but funny. Through the demo, I noticed that last year’s problems have been greatly improved, and the feeling of shooting is very good, but the midfielder colliding problem is very outstanding. This year’s new demo version though not perfect, but we already say goodbye to the crowd movement in 2014, players can attack route concentrate on research and strategy.


With European brand manager Adam Bhatti’s words, this is the work of “regression” live football “. The series has been is famous for its fast. Both in the overall game speed and the player’s movement animation is very fast, but last year’s “live 2014″ is a bit of a wandering, in order to follow the truth of FIFA 15 Coins, for players to experience and intuition of this series come in handy. ‘s emphasis for the players animation to the game is very inconsistent, everything became a slower pace. But this is not the same.


Character animation is now up and closed feet are closer to the live football 2013, the overall rhythm soon, shooting operation is also very sensitive, let a person feel improvisation is easy to grasp. In the process of the whole 5 hours of demo, the game did not show the FIFIA series of exquisite offensive strategy execution, goal way is diverse, volley, cosco distance shot, corner melee, etc from soup to nuts. The goalkeeper’s action and AI also make goals very with a sense of accomplishment.


Of course, no good works will be defective, the drawbacks of this already very small. Players will sometimes puzzling to physical contact and fouls, sometimes the wrong ball, sometimes ran straight line strictly, even sometimes it will be straight from the ball passing by, cooked ducks are ruined. Players when these problems will be very discouraged, but at present, konami have time, wait to launch the game, if not fully resolved at least also can reduce the frequency of the problem.


The goalkeeper is the heel of this already very strong, but still need to improve. Now can easily score a goal at close to the goalkeeper after, another goalkeeper when he faced the upper air ball always lose ground, it makes easy goals. The demonstration is a game between Manchester united and Juventus, they respectively have two of the best goalkeeper in the world, only do this level is not enough.


Without these problems, the “live football” will gradually find the best condition, exciting multiplayer games as usual, and this cooperation pattern, as well as the live 2013 with feeling.


Tactically, live 2015 ahead of the FIFA are also many; At the time of playing the FIFA, are you sure you are forever forward, but here, between Manchester united and Juventus were always unpredictable, both sides are very suitable for the back back counter. So the game style also want to make a change.


Although currently tactics only then several, but estimates will increase when the release of the fill out, update problems existing at the same time.

In a word, really beyond, in the picture and live more real, more vivid. To tell the truth, as a loyal Fifa fans, I’m more like to live to 2015. I’m looking forward to the best of Fifa.yajuan030809

FIFA2015 list of star Lionel messi C McCullough BET365 pressure first


Now famous online football game makers EA formally announced new FIFA 15 Accounts unveiled for the first time and numerical 50 star player in the game characters, and AG and swim ag8. The info from the data analysis, the first star Lionel messi cristiano ronaldo became FIFA15 pressure, arjen robben, zlatan ibrahimovic and neuer followed suit. FIFA2015 list of star Lionel messi C McCullough BET365 pressure first

FIFA15AG and pressure swim football star charts west cristiano ronaldo

Take out standards technical indicators, in which the top star Lionel messi his dribbling reached 96, speed 93, scoring 89 points, 86 points, passing, technical level is endowed with four stars, cristiano ronaldo, number two, by the end of the speed of 93 points, 91, scoring 93 points dribbling, passing 81, heading 79, total score 92 points, but his technical level is five stars, but AG and swim think Lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo two almost same weak data unable to say anything.


As for neuer’s on the list to be sure that he is scoring the first goalkeeper in the game, 90 points, the details are divided into saves 87 points, hand ball bigfoot 85 points, 92 points, 85 points, position 90, he became the only among the top ten “keeper”.


AG and other swimming ag8. Analysis need of info from Barcelona’s Lionel messi, andres iniesta, suarez three were selected, while bayern sent robben, neuer, bastian schweinsteiger and franck ribery four people, the remaining three people is to get a zlatan ibrahimovic, cristiano ronaldo and azar.


And all 50 bayern have 11 people to be included in the list, while real Madrid have 8 were selected, the Spanish champions atletico Madrid have no player in the top 50, but the list with Kurt tuva and diego – costa two played for atletico Madrid players last season. The premier league, Chelsea and Manchester united have 5 were selected, is one of the most in the premier league.

This time, Lionel messi became the biggest winner. Messi’s greatest success or in his exquisite technology.yajuan03080920300000760919132529793152638

FIFA announced 2015 winter transfer window into: China’s third hit $85.5 million


TMS, fifa transfer matching system (FIFA) announced in the winter of 2015 international football transfer spending, including the Chinese league (the Chinese super league and one) international transfer spending of $85.5 million, second only to England, Germany, the world’s third.

The data statistics of international transfer fee only, not including the domestic transfer. The FIFA 15 Coins01300256671603132677905813923, according to data released by England topped $173.8 million in the international transfer expenditure, Germany for $117.9 million, followed by China with $85.5 million of the third; In addition, Brazil is the highest 2015 international transfer income during the winter transfer window, a total of $339 million, the China league of international transfer income was $78 million, failed to make the top 10.


China has more and more attention to the development of undertakings of physical culture and sports, and the change didn’t enter the top ten in the final, but worthy of praise. Because of China’s efforts to treat sports can be seen is determined. Also, we expect China to football again with better results.yajuan030809


My experience of FIFA15


The FIFA 15 for EA’s football game, this compared to live what are the characteristics? FIFA15  brings the player to share under the overhand experience lessons, and let’s have a look  together.

Before playing live football,  we prefer to  10, namely PES2006, have been looked at EA’s powerful  propaganda in recent years, there has been no tried FIFA, until FIFA15 came out, I just want to feel the different football world.

Under the FIFA15, I played more than a week, the feelings are as follows:

FIFA’s sense of reality to transcend reality, indeed, more than a bit, this is not a little two points to be told. Such as the audience, the linesman, teammates, etc Can feel it

Before playing live, it  is 90% of the time to hold the accelerators, whether offensive or defensive, rush, rush, rush, draw a blunt words.

Now playing FIFA, finished, accelerators almost only around 5% of the time I will according to it, because after FIFA dash of inertia is too true, if running through his head, that is at least 2-3 seconds time to return it.

FIFA’s too pay attention to team cooperation, pass, pass, pass, pass after N many feet, to have a shot. Don’t play like I used to live, in the game 5 minutes to shoot 2 times. Now playing fifa, the game for 90 minutes, can shoot at most 10 times.

FIFA’s defensive I am still not fully used, press the X key to shovel ball, the players in the game to make action too doesn’t fit, I shovel was only 10 times one can touch the ball.

Press B to rob the ball, the movement is one click you can do it, but without the ball, the players will be hard straight 1 seconds or so, and offensive player, already has been lost, I don’t catch any longer.

Well, Cheap Fifa Coins40-130P6112300 is really do too classic, I live to play for so many years, now completely turned into a FIFA.

FIFA fancys  moveing too difficult, I now even the 1 star action will only do 1, 2, learn slowly, and hope to practice for six months, which can let me from the difficulty of the lowest, rise to intermediate difficult to play.

Personally I do think  this game is very  good, so sincerely recommend to you. For the first time let you experience the speed and passion on the pitch.yajuan030809