My experience of FIFA15


The FIFA 15 for EA’s football game, this compared to live what are the characteristics? FIFA15  brings the player to share under the overhand experience lessons, and let’s have a look  together.

Before playing live football,  we prefer to  10, namely PES2006, have been looked at EA’s powerful  propaganda in recent years, there has been no tried FIFA, until FIFA15 came out, I just want to feel the different football world.

Under the FIFA15, I played more than a week, the feelings are as follows:

FIFA’s sense of reality to transcend reality, indeed, more than a bit, this is not a little two points to be told. Such as the audience, the linesman, teammates, etc Can feel it

Before playing live, it  is 90% of the time to hold the accelerators, whether offensive or defensive, rush, rush, rush, draw a blunt words.

Now playing FIFA, finished, accelerators almost only around 5% of the time I will according to it, because after FIFA dash of inertia is too true, if running through his head, that is at least 2-3 seconds time to return it.

FIFA’s too pay attention to team cooperation, pass, pass, pass, pass after N many feet, to have a shot. Don’t play like I used to live, in the game 5 minutes to shoot 2 times. Now playing fifa, the game for 90 minutes, can shoot at most 10 times.

FIFA’s defensive I am still not fully used, press the X key to shovel ball, the players in the game to make action too doesn’t fit, I shovel was only 10 times one can touch the ball.

Press B to rob the ball, the movement is one click you can do it, but without the ball, the players will be hard straight 1 seconds or so, and offensive player, already has been lost, I don’t catch any longer.

Well, Cheap Fifa Coins40-130P6112300 is really do too classic, I live to play for so many years, now completely turned into a FIFA.

FIFA fancys  moveing too difficult, I now even the 1 star action will only do 1, 2, learn slowly, and hope to practice for six months, which can let me from the difficulty of the lowest, rise to intermediate difficult to play.

Personally I do think  this game is very  good, so sincerely recommend to you. For the first time let you experience the speed and passion on the pitch.yajuan030809

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