Calm down and review the live football 2015 beyond the FIFA? Is possible!


Constantly released online “live football (PES)  2015 new screenshots and detail shows its determination to want to go beyond the FIFA, however, does it really have effect? Now, after a series of “bombardment” intelligence, let’s calm down and use objective point of view to make comments of the “live football 2015″.

Live football 2015 at E3 demo of the game experience that gives a person is very strange, at the same time give people respect but funny. Through the demo, I noticed that last year’s problems have been greatly improved, and the feeling of shooting is very good, but the midfielder colliding problem is very outstanding. This year’s new demo version though not perfect, but we already say goodbye to the crowd movement in 2014, players can attack route concentrate on research and strategy.


With European brand manager Adam Bhatti’s words, this is the work of “regression” live football “. The series has been is famous for its fast. Both in the overall game speed and the player’s movement animation is very fast, but last year’s “live 2014″ is a bit of a wandering, in order to follow the truth of FIFA 15 Coins, for players to experience and intuition of this series come in handy. ‘s emphasis for the players animation to the game is very inconsistent, everything became a slower pace. But this is not the same.


Character animation is now up and closed feet are closer to the live football 2013, the overall rhythm soon, shooting operation is also very sensitive, let a person feel improvisation is easy to grasp. In the process of the whole 5 hours of demo, the game did not show the FIFIA series of exquisite offensive strategy execution, goal way is diverse, volley, cosco distance shot, corner melee, etc from soup to nuts. The goalkeeper’s action and AI also make goals very with a sense of accomplishment.


Of course, no good works will be defective, the drawbacks of this already very small. Players will sometimes puzzling to physical contact and fouls, sometimes the wrong ball, sometimes ran straight line strictly, even sometimes it will be straight from the ball passing by, cooked ducks are ruined. Players when these problems will be very discouraged, but at present, konami have time, wait to launch the game, if not fully resolved at least also can reduce the frequency of the problem.


The goalkeeper is the heel of this already very strong, but still need to improve. Now can easily score a goal at close to the goalkeeper after, another goalkeeper when he faced the upper air ball always lose ground, it makes easy goals. The demonstration is a game between Manchester united and Juventus, they respectively have two of the best goalkeeper in the world, only do this level is not enough.


Without these problems, the “live football” will gradually find the best condition, exciting multiplayer games as usual, and this cooperation pattern, as well as the live 2013 with feeling.


Tactically, live 2015 ahead of the FIFA are also many; At the time of playing the FIFA, are you sure you are forever forward, but here, between Manchester united and Juventus were always unpredictable, both sides are very suitable for the back back counter. So the game style also want to make a change.


Although currently tactics only then several, but estimates will increase when the release of the fill out, update problems existing at the same time.

In a word, really beyond, in the picture and live more real, more vivid. To tell the truth, as a loyal Fifa fans, I’m more like to live to 2015. I’m looking forward to the best of Fifa.yajuan030809

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