FIFA announced 2015 winter transfer window into: China’s third hit $85.5 million


TMS, fifa transfer matching system (FIFA) announced in the winter of 2015 international football transfer spending, including the Chinese league (the Chinese super league and one) international transfer spending of $85.5 million, second only to England, Germany, the world’s third.

The data statistics of international transfer fee only, not including the domestic transfer. The FIFA 15 Coins01300256671603132677905813923, according to data released by England topped $173.8 million in the international transfer expenditure, Germany for $117.9 million, followed by China with $85.5 million of the third; In addition, Brazil is the highest 2015 international transfer income during the winter transfer window, a total of $339 million, the China league of international transfer income was $78 million, failed to make the top 10.


China has more and more attention to the development of undertakings of physical culture and sports, and the change didn’t enter the top ten in the final, but worthy of praise. Because of China’s efforts to treat sports can be seen is determined. Also, we expect China to football again with better results.yajuan030809


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