FIFA2015 list of star Lionel messi C McCullough BET365 pressure first


Now famous online football game makers EA formally announced new FIFA 15 Accounts unveiled for the first time and numerical 50 star player in the game characters, and AG and swim ag8. The info from the data analysis, the first star Lionel messi cristiano ronaldo became FIFA15 pressure, arjen robben, zlatan ibrahimovic and neuer followed suit. FIFA2015 list of star Lionel messi C McCullough BET365 pressure first

FIFA15AG and pressure swim football star charts west cristiano ronaldo

Take out standards technical indicators, in which the top star Lionel messi his dribbling reached 96, speed 93, scoring 89 points, 86 points, passing, technical level is endowed with four stars, cristiano ronaldo, number two, by the end of the speed of 93 points, 91, scoring 93 points dribbling, passing 81, heading 79, total score 92 points, but his technical level is five stars, but AG and swim think Lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo two almost same weak data unable to say anything.


As for neuer’s on the list to be sure that he is scoring the first goalkeeper in the game, 90 points, the details are divided into saves 87 points, hand ball bigfoot 85 points, 92 points, 85 points, position 90, he became the only among the top ten “keeper”.


AG and other swimming ag8. Analysis need of info from Barcelona’s Lionel messi, andres iniesta, suarez three were selected, while bayern sent robben, neuer, bastian schweinsteiger and franck ribery four people, the remaining three people is to get a zlatan ibrahimovic, cristiano ronaldo and azar.


And all 50 bayern have 11 people to be included in the list, while real Madrid have 8 were selected, the Spanish champions atletico Madrid have no player in the top 50, but the list with Kurt tuva and diego – costa two played for atletico Madrid players last season. The premier league, Chelsea and Manchester united have 5 were selected, is one of the most in the premier league.

This time, Lionel messi became the biggest winner. Messi’s greatest success or in his exquisite technology.yajuan03080920300000760919132529793152638

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