Analysis of 20 popular game data in 2015 March Twitch

Twitch is the world’s largest gaming website live video streaming media. Recently, data Service Corporation Gamoloco founder Nicolas Carreto (Nicolas Cerrato) published an article in the famous game developer website Gamasutra, the total length, charge mode multiple dimensions from 2015 to March to watch the video game, Twitch platform of the fire in the previous 20 games for the interpretation.

In March Twitch the fire TOP20 game, “hero alliance”, “Counter Strike: Global offensive” and “Dota 2″ top three, “”, “hearthstone my world”, “blood curse”, “World of Warcraft”, “StarCraft 2 (Book)” were ranked in the name of the 4-8. The March TOP20 video game related total viewing time more than 297000000 hours, the total amount of viewing accounted for nearly 84% in the video game Twitch.

1 video game viewing time distribution

“Hero alliance” video game video watch Top20 accounted for nearly 31% of the total length, total length of more than 6-20 of the game to watch the video. “Counter Strike”, “2″ and “Dota” are located in the hearthstone legend 2-4. The top five game ranking has been very stable, but the recent sale of “blood curse” and “city skyline” (Cities: Sky (microblogging) lines) is the emergence of new faces in the list.

The “H1Z1″ line has been 4 months, “MMORPG” Runescape “in the early 2001 was on the line. These two games were ranked ninth and twelfth, called TOP20 in game two dark horse.

2 business model

TOP20 games, free games accounted for up to 52.9%, accounting for 28.2% of the paid games.

3 Platform

TOP20 game, PC game number accounted for up to 78.1%, occupy the absolute dominant position. Perhaps this is because compared with the host game, PC game video recording easier.

Flat video game viewing time accounted for 8.7%, but if you don’t make “hearthstone” this cross platform game is included in the statistical range, so this proportion will sharply to less than 1%.

4 Publishers

From the statistical data, the fist (Riot Games), studio Valve and Activision is three King Twitch game live video. In the video game Top20 to watch the total length, from the three companies of the video game viewing time accounted for 77%.

EA’s “my world” and “FIFA Coins” to enter the list, and Nintendo and Ubisoft and other large publishers and missed the list.

5 whether the gaming game?

Gaming events and online streaming media watch closely, promote each other, the top four games in the worldwide large-scale tournament. “My world”, “world of Warcraft” and “Grand Theft Auto” and other popular prosperous game does not belong to this column.

6 types of games

TOP20 game, accounted for 45.6% of the MOBA, FPS and trading card game is second and third popular types of games. “A typical representative of the hearthstone legend” belongs to the collectible card game.

For these games, will soon give us a different life, at least I can kill the boring time.yajuan03080919-140R2161439

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