“Chief” to the FA Cup

As the world’s oldest football cup, Zu Zong cup from next season, may also be changed, become chief of the Zu Zong cup.

According to the “Daily Mail” reported, England Football Association will sign and Emirates airline a period of three years, the amount of $30000000 sponsorship contract, the condition is chief of the FA cup into the FA cup. This is the 144 year history of the FA Cup for the first time the title sponsor.

Now the main sponsor of the FA Cup is a USA beer enterprise, the sponsorship amount is about 9000000 pounds a year. But because of the importance of the FA Cup for the Premier League club decreased year by year, it is difficult to attract big sponsors. The FA was forced to give a last resort: sell naming rights.

According to reports, the FA Cup title of the news will be announced in the May 30th FA Cup final.

The FA Cup was renamed the traditional news attracted a lot of fans attacked. Fans commented, “Fa FA Cup betrayed the soul”. Some people say: “Is it right? Because Arsenal last two seasons FA Cup success, the FA Cup changed their sponsor’s name. That would put the FA cup into the Arsenal cup.”

The FA Cup began to accept commercial sponsorship from the 1994 / 95 season, but for the hundred years of reputation, has refused to accept the title sponsor. England and other important football games, including the Premier League, at all levels, and attended by 92 occupation Club League Cup, years ago with the title sponsor. The Carling Cup was very thorough, directly by the enterprise name, since 1982 there have been 7 sponsors including milk cup and Coca-Cola cup, named after the name, the original name has lose one’s beyond recognition.yajuan030809

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