MVP! FIFA praised Yang Xu said fear of collapse surprised Fuli defeat Guoan

After the end of the fifth round of group stage AFC Champions League,fifa official website also wrote about the events of a comment. FIFA believes that R & F home court 0-5 defeat to Osaka steel Pakistan is an amazing game, Beijing Guoan once again failed to get ahead of qualifying, at the end of round is likely to lose out. For Luneng, FIFA highlighted Yang Xu (micro-blog) data), that he is the best player in the round, to remain in that state, should become the national team’s main striker Chinese.

FIFA’s official website at the beginning of the article mentioned, fight after the 5 round, 8 teams had already obtained the qualification, respectively, before the AFC Champions League champions south of the FC, Al Ain, Al Sadd and Guangzhou Hengda, and the last runner up Al Hilal, in addition to Bo Sun God, Al Ahli and Suwon samsung. In the 16 game, Qatar team beat Iran 3-0 Levin Hervey sub Persepolis game was named FIFA the best.

Fuli home court 0-5 defeat to Osaka steel Pakistan in the FIFA game, it seems that this is a war game is be hardly worthy of belief. AFC Champions League army in the first round group stage in their 2-0 victory over the Osaka steel Pakistan, stunning throughout Asia, but no one thought they were ahead of the game in the 5 rounds. In front of the 0-5 score, decimating the complete collapse, the score so they are difficult to accept, but have to accept the consequences.

For national security, so FIFA website comments: to match unbeaten status Guoan ushered in the A-League team Brisbane roar, but after losing 0-1, once again missed the opportunity to qualify for the knockout, the team suffered the first defeat of the season. C Ruud Boris keep the team in hope of promotion for the Brisbane lions, but the G group leader Guoan has had to face at the end of the round losing out of embarrassment. Once they lost to Suwon, and Brisbane roar big win over Urawa gongzuan, Chinese capital team will face the collapse of the situation.

Yang Xu in Vietnam against Pingyang Luneng and the plum to open two degrees, to help the team 3-1 victory over the opponent, has scored 6 goals in the game AFC Champions League Yang Xu, was also named the official FIFA round of the best players. Yang Xu and rival Gaolatedou with 6 goals tied for top scorer, he has the air speed and excellent, 28 year old Yang Xu if you can keep this efficiency goals, can get a place in the national team coach Perrin Chinese.

In addition, FIFA’s official website also mentioned before Hengda foreign aid Muriqui, in Al Sadd and Fred in the game, the 2013 season AFC Champions League best striker scored the only goal of the game, helping the team ahead of a locked out of the group places.yajuan03080920140819034628341


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