2021 Top 5 Most Profitable Bosses in OSRS

Considering the vast worlds with countless things to do, there are a ton of ways you could be earning gold/money in the game and one of those ways are to fight and kill bosses in the game. We are literally talking about millions per hour. And so, we are going to be looking at the top 10 most Profitable bosses in OSRS right now.

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5 – The Corrupted Gauntlet

Coming in at number five in our list is the “Corrupted Gauntlet”, And here considering that you have some decent experience with bosses you will be able to complete at least 6 kills per hour. And your gross value per kill would be 564,000 with zero cost for the supplies which in turn gives you a total profit per kill of 564,000 as well and considering if you are able to make those 6 completions in an hour your hourly profit would become 3 million, three hundred and eighty four thousand.

4 – Vorkath

Moving on to our number 4 in the list we have “Vorkath” and we are going to keep the hourly kills ratio at 30 kills per hour. And as for the best in slot melee gear, we will be having a dragon hunter lance, the salv, enchanted amulet, crumble undead cast prayer potions, anti-venoms, divine super combats, extended super amplifiers and sharks.

With that your value per kill would be a total of 125,500 and your supply cost per kill would be 11,500.  And as for the profit per kill, it would be 114,000 which makes your hourly profit equal to three million four hundred and twenty thousand.

3 – Theatre of Blood

Coming in at the three spot is going to be the “theater of blood” that takes a team of 4, and assuming you are good you can make up to 2.3 theater of blood completions per hour.

With no deaths and some good gear your gross value per kill would be 2,055 000 and your supply costs per kill would be around 285,000 which make your profit per kill 1,770,000 giving you a profit per hour of almost 4,071,000.

2 – Alchemical Hydra

Moving on to the number 2 in our list of the profitable bosses we have the “Alchemical Hydra” and for this we are going to set the kills per hour to at least 26 and as for the best in slot gear we will have the twisted bow dragon arrow, sharks divine, ranging potions and prayer potions.

Your gross value per kill would be 174,000 and the supply cost per kill would be 10,500 which makes your profit per kill 163,000 giving you a profit per hour of around 4,251,000.

1 – Nightmare of Ashihama

Claiming the number 1 spot in our list is the “Nightmare of Ashihama” and for this one here we are going to set 12 kills per hour with a decent four-man team your gross value per kill is 413,500 and the supply cost per kill would be 28,500 giving you a profit per kill of around 385,000 giving you a total profit per hour of around 4,260,000.

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